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System number   001268064
Author - personal   Ford, John, 1586-approximately 1640.
Title   The Sun’s-Darling: a Moral Masque, etc.
Publication   London : Printed by J. Bell, for Andrew Penneycuicke, 1656.
Physical descr.   43 pages ; (4º)
Added name   Dekker, Thomas, approximately 1572-1632. Works written in collaboration.
Other editions   [The Sun’s-Darling: a Moral Masque, etc.] (Uk)MP1.0001335462.3 London, 1657. 4º.
Related item   The Sun’s-Darling, etc. (Uk)MP1.0001335462.2 London, 1656. 4º.
Related rec.   Related item: The Sun’s-Darling, etc.
Related rec.   Other edition available: [The Sun’s-Darling: a Moral Masque, etc.]
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Shelfmark   644.b.41. Request
Shelfmark   C.12.g.3.(8.) Request